Villa Il Labirinto, an amazing historic venue full of history

Villa Il Labirinto is a wonderful eighteenth-century villa, an elegant and exclusive historical venue, located on the outskirts of Brescia but completely surrounded by nature, poplars, hornbeams and century-old trees. The Villa was designed on the remains of an ancient medieval castle, evoked by the moat populated by fish and water lilies and its drawbridges. In this location you can breathe a suggestive medieval atmosphere. The refined frescoed rooms, which lead to the bright portico adorned with white Doric columns, recall the sumptuousness and worldliness typical of the eighteenth century. A unique and unrepeatable architectural experience. A wonderful location, enhanced by the extraordinary nineteenth-century park dominated by a tree-lined avenue over 600 meters long. At the center of it, a suggestive neoclassical temple and a suggestive labyrinth of hornbeam hedges, from which the Villa takes its name. A magical place having to be able to organize the most important day of your life.


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