Annalisa: First Impressions


Annalisa: First Impressions

It is often said that there is only one occasion to make a good first impression and I think that the same principle applies to weddings: the exact moment in which the guests arrive at the venue has the power to turn a wedding like many into the perfect wedding.

First impressions: This is what the story of Annalisa and Alessandro was all about.

I still remember the moment when this beautiful couple from Milan came to me: as soon as I saw them I realized that the code worthd for them was "elegance".

The wedding took place on July 14th and the venue was the beautiful Villa Rusconi Clerici in Verbania, one of the most stunning villas adorning Lake Maggiore.

As most of you know by now, I am a perfectionist and that day I wasn’t able to rest until everything was impeccable: the meticulous choice of flowers, lights, decorations and colors had to communicate elegance, class and refinement.

This beautiful setting, accompanied by a perfect weather, was the background to one of the most exciting marriages of my entire career.

For a perfectionist like me a good full night of sleep rarely happens but that night, at the very end of the wedding, I went home and instantly fell asleep, smiling and satisfied like never before: I had made two wonderful spouses happy and seeing their smiling faces was worth so much more than a thousand words could explain.